Mailee Co., ltd specialized in manufacturing and distributing seafood snack and dried seafood with brand name is Mailey

We are commit to always to provide products with the excellent quality and tasty to customer. Our factory is located in Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam, equipped with modern machinery and ensuring standard of food safety and export


We bring you a new generation of snack: seafood snack with delicious, nutritious and convenient

Our products was produce from the fresh and  raw material and finest ingredients from local and import.


Vietnam one sun dried squid

 In Phu Quoc island, people caught up instantly fresh ink canal cleaned out and stretch the mẹt exposure onto bright sunlight. When the surface has been dried (not sticky touch), then flip to the other side pitches exposure until all sides get fried. Exposure time is only about two to three hours is reached. In satisfactory, people put on barrel squid sauce and soak it in about 30 minutes then take out the crushed peppers and salt rub and grill immediately. One [...]

Vietnam Dried yellow stripe fish.

Snapper is a saltwater fish species live mainly along the coast. Their diet is plankton species. Celebrity snapper in the waters southwest of the Indian Ocean and the Pacific. Snapper spawning from April to August every year. We have fusiform body, laterally. In particular, the fish have a stripe along the glittering gold straight from the eye to near the tail, so the fish are called Vietnam Dried yellow stripe fish. This species one can use as fresh fish or processed [...]

Spanish Fried Anchovies (Boquerones Fritos) Recipe

 There is nothing more typical of summer in Spain than a piping hot plate of fried anchovies served alongside a cold beer. From north to south, these small fried fish are a common delicacy served in tapas bars throughout the country. Some cities even have entire bars dedicated to only serving fried anchovies!  Delicious fried anchovies!. helovi/Getty Images In Spanish, anchovies can be translated to anchoas or boquerones. But don’t let the different words fool you, they are the same fish (despite what some [...]

Health benefits of anchovies

Health benefits of anchovies include healthy heart, lower levels of bad cholesterol and toxin levels. It helps in improving skin health, reducing weight and strengthening teeth. Intake of anchovies also reduces risk of osteoporosis and macular degeneration. The nutrients and vitamins found within anchovies are the main factor behind this wide ranges of benefits people can enjoy by adding them to their weekly diet! Anchovies are small, salt water, foraging fish with more than 100 different species spread across the [...]


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