Crispy Seaweed With Garlic, Sesame Seeds Jar 150g

Mã sản phẩm: 3DDYQP

Mailey garlic fried seaweed is a nutritious and extremely convenient snack. Each strand of seaweed is seasoned and grilled crispy, ensuring that the seaweed retains the nutrition of the seaweed, the sweetness of the sea flavor, blended with just enough garlic and spices.

Garlic-burnt seaweed can both have fun and eat rice conveniently for working days while still being nutritious and delicious.

Especially vegetarian, a great choice for vegetarian days!


Mailey Garlic Seaweed uses completely natural, healthy ingredients: Seaweed, white sesame, garlic, spices

Product salient features:

- Mailey garlic burnt seaweed is grilled, not fried, so it doesn't cause oiliness.

- Mailey garlic burnt seaweed is processed according to Mailey's unique recipe, the seaweed is both crispy and delicious, eating a piece is wanting to eat more.

- The product is packaged in a convenient jar, can be taken to work, out on picnics with friends. When not used up, you can close the jar, the seaweed still retains its crispiness

- Mailey garlic burnt seaweed has been tested, announced and certified for food safety and can be consumed on the market.

- Mailee is a direct manufacturer, so the price is always competitive.